Testimonials to Willmar Music

“I like singing because it is fun and cool.  I think music is my favorite thing to do.”  Ava Lindgren, kindergarten

“Music can help you learn how to sing and you can perform for parents, friends and family.  You learn notes so you can write a song if you want to.  When I’m in music, I feel like I could open my heart up and let me sing.”  Zach Gould, 1st grade

“Why would you cut music when everyone loves it sooo much.  People are inspired by our music teachers, and I know so many people who want to be music teachers or song writers or musicians!!!!  Why cut music when people can get a huge career because of it?”  Ingrid Lindgren, 2nd grade

“There are three main reasons why I want to keep music the way it is in Willmar.  1.  You can be yourself.  You don’t worry about who’s a better player or singer.  You just do it the way you want to.  2.  You really feel like you belong, because everybody is doing the same thing you are.  3.  It’s FUN!!!  Whether it’s concerts, summer lessons or just practicing at home, it’s just FUN!”  Gabe Benson, 6th grade

“Music matters in our school!  It is one of the many reasons our teams and fans get pumped up.  It’s one of the ways we make friends, and keep them.  It’s a way to express feelings positively and to learn and improve, and it teaches us responsibility.  Having your own instrument, going to concerts, learning your solos…Taking that away from us kids would take away possibly the only thing we can control in our lives.  The program is something solid that we can trust to be there.  We have MANY great teachers and directors that can relate to us because we share a common feeling and passion.  ..If we don’t work, we know it will screw up everyone else, so we strive to be better.  To get better, you need someone great to lead you there.”  Janessa Palmer, 8th grade

“Music has been a major part of my life here at Willmar School.  Music has not only been a great opportunity for me to learn to play an instrument at performance levels, but also to learn important life skills, such as applying myself to achieving something and working hard to better myself.  Even besides that, music is a great tool for me to express my beliefs, my dreams and my true feelings.  There is no greater feeling in the world than sitting down and playing my instrument.  It would be a shame if music was cut further at our school.  I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels this way and it’s simply not fair to the hundreds of kids currently involved in Willmar Music if the quality of teaching and materials decline.”  Samuel Benson, grade 10

“Without the amazing music program here at Willmar, I’m not sure I would have survived (while keeping my sanity intact)…Music is the perfect creative outlet.  It brings forward challenges that you grow to meet, with the reward of knowing you’re doing something that is enjoyable both for you and for others.  Music gives you opportunities you would not otherwise have, like the chance to perform onstage, or even on the street like our incredible marching band.  Music has given me drive and patience…Music is very much a part of my life, and a part of society.  It is of the utmost importance.  Music does matter.”  Kelsey Hansen, Class of 2009

“Recently, we saw the marching band and thought they absolutely amazing.  We know this doesn’t happen without all the lessons and encouragement that they receive all the time from their music instructors.  We’ve watched our daughters take up additional instruments with encouragement from their teachers. We’ve watched their willingness to try new things and their confidence grow.  The music program in Willmar is wonderful, and we believe it’s not only good for our children, but our community and its future.”  Diane and Dan Clarke, parents

“Our youth at Willmar High School are incredibly fortunate to have been blessed with such an incredible staff of instructors.  Music should NEVER be viewed as ‘extra-curricular!’  It expresses and preserves our culture.”  Nancy Murphy, parent

“I’m a WHS class of 1989 alumni…eventually I too became a music teacher.  Now my son is a sophomore at WHS…What a huge loss it would be for our children, school and community if cuts included the music department.  I have a favorite quote from former president Gerald Ford, ‘Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them – a world of work, with a complete education that includes music’  SAVE THE MUSIC!!!  Liz Betsy Waskul-Wittman

"I think music is a very important thing for the student’s life. It brings out your creativity. These is something about playing an instrument or listening to music that brings joy to me." Douglas Thoms, 10th grade

"Music should be in schools because it is a way for kids to express themselves. Music has allowed me to explore different talents and be part of something that makes a difference in people’s lives. The Willmar music program shows Cardinal pride because the students and teachers are very dedicated and want to be the best. Please support the music program, it will be greatly appreciated.”  Kathryn Gubrud, 11th grade

"I’ve been a professional signer for 19 years. I had the pleasure of singing with the Minnesota Orchestra. The song I sang was “Oh What a Beautiful Mornin” from Oklahoma! I learned that song in music class with DeAnna Dorsey when I was a student at Garfield Elementary School.  Music programs are essential in school, not because they produce professional musicians, but because they produce wonderful people!" Andy Wilkowske, WHS Alumni



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